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Thrive Content Builder – Best WordPress Plugin

I want to review the coolest and easy tool I found for creating custom looking WordPress pages: Thrive Content Builder! I’m not saying I’ve done an extensive search, but when I saw this, I was blown away.

I’m always on the lookout for cool new software solutions. As a web programmer, I know how to code HTML and CSS to look exactly the way I want it to look, but also programmers look to find solutions to problems to remove as many steps as possible. Tell a programmer about something that you have to repeat more than twice on your computer and they’ll be thinking a way to make it happen automatically.

So it is with website design. The beauty of WordPress is that it takes away a lot of the tedium and just lets you create the content, the human part of a website. I purchased a subscription to Elegant Themes a year ago and my wife and I were impressed with the beautiful designs and styles of their themes. One of my favorite themes was Divi, it has awesome flexibility and scads of eye-candy and other widgets. So I used that to create several websites that I’m working on and it seemed flexible and powerful. However…. There was one thing I hated, the editor lets you move blocks around to do the layout on the page, but then when you want to edit the content in that box, you have to click through several different pop-up windows to get at the content, edit, save, then you have to click through to the preview to see the change – start over and try again.

Better WordPress Content

I saw an ad for a tool called Thrive Content Builder. I immediately liked the developer; he has a fun sense of humor and spoke directly to my pain. I loved what he said and took a test drive of his website and some of the other tools. See the link at the bottom, and watch his demo video, it's awesome.

The Thrive Content Builder is truly the most awesome WSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor I’ve seen. You can create great looking pages as fast as you could lay things out on say Microsoft Word or any other text editor. You make a change and instant feedback. It was love at first sight. This is different from the normal WordPress editor, it shows you what the stuff looks like in place on your website with styling etc. You can do some pretty complicated layouts and designs.

It took me about a week to plan my transition to the new tool. Divi is not an easy to divorce tool, and I had to custom fix a lot of stuff to make it work well, but it was worth it. My wife who is non-techy can get on and make some great looking pages with ease. (she is the content creator, and I’m the technical guy) Needless to say she loves it.

For full disclosure, there are a few things I don’t like...

  • I dislike that the content is stored in a different place than the normal WordPress content. This messes with some of the plugins like SEO stuff, but it’s minor compared to the other benefits.
  • It is awesome easy to create the text, but sometimes editing such as merging two paragraphs can be a bit of a pain.

They are fixing a lot of things and they are pretty serious about getting this to be an awesome theme. Their support staff are very responsive and they do frequent updates.

I purchased their full package, themes, content builder, and tools. It was a simple choice really because their focus on lead generation and marketing is awesome. You can have a great looking website (possibly better than their themes offer), but unless you have the tools to capitalize on that, it doesn’t do you as much good. Meaning – if you want leads, customers, conversions, then you need to get the tools that will lead you to that, more than you need your website to look pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I love pretty websites and if your website looks like it crawled out of some forsaken box, people won’t take you seriously; but aesthetics only get you so far.

Anyway, you should go and check them out: Thrive Content Builder