About Me

Photo of Michael Spackman

Some background

For years I have watched on the side lines what is happening in the world of internet marketing. I have always wanted to hone that skill and make a living doing that. I had one excuse or another to keep me from pursing that dream, but they were just excuses.

I went to college and got a degree in Computer Science and spent several years programming larger web sites and custom software solutions. Some of the projects I worked on ranged from National Scenic Byways project (now de-funded), dairy delivery service software, State of Utah health department CMS system called BTOTS, and Legal tracking software for a company named

I enjoy learning new things and enjoyed going to conferences and participating in code groups.

Life changes everything

Mid 2013, I had a life changing event and had the opportunity to go to Southern California to sell residential solar systems. The potential money was amazing and I wanted to learn and stretch myself, so I risked all and moved my family where I worked that market as hard as I knew how. I love the technology and learned a lot about the industry and sales processes in general.

I have read a lot about internet marketing and some of the strategies. I have purchased several e-books and training courses in an attempt to get started. Some of them are really good, and others not so much. Where it really matters though, is if a person will actually do the work to make it happen.

Enter 2015

My family has the goal of working from the road and seeing the country. We’re now working hard at the online venture to make it happen.

If you need any tips, would like a little coaching as to what I’ve found, or would like me to help you get started by building your own website, please contact me with the details of what you are looking for. I’d love to help!