Go backstage of a WordPress site

This is the home of my explanations and expose of building web sites using WordPress. I have a bit of experience in the software development field and WordPress has some quirks and same niceties.

My wife and I have a budding business at Teaching-Children-Music.com. Where we endeavor to provide resources in teaching musical concepts to children and to their parents/teachers. We want to make it affordable, and so we don't charge as much as we should for things, it really is a great deal.

In part of making that affordable, we chose to use WordPress and other open source tools. At first I tried to use only free resources, but quickly found that it is much easier to pay and get the right tool. I will be documenting some of those tools and also sharing what I have been able to figure out. Hopefully it will be of benefit to readers.

If you know of some tools I have missed or would like to recommend something for me to review, I would love to hear form you.​

Disclaimer: This site does contain affiliate links, and I do receive compensation if you click through to those sites and buy.​